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  Japan 日本 (本文来自www.9y9y.com)

哪个国家的寿命最长?盘点全球五个最长寿国家(图) (本文来自www.9y9y.com)

  Living to 83 on average, the Japanese have long had one of the highest life expectancies. Okinawa, often called 'the land of immortals‘, has been a global centre for longevity research, as these southern Japanese islands have more than 400 centenarians. Much credit for this has been given to the local diet, which includes plentiful tofu and sweet potato, and a small amount of fish. Active social circles among older residents and a strong community also contribute to lower levels of stress and a strong sense of belonging.


  To reap these benefits, learning the language as an expat is critical, said Daniele Gatti, CEO of Velvet Media and long-time Japan resident. “Japan has an amazing quality of life if you can get past the language hurdle to better understand the mentality” – which is more different from Western culture than most visitors think, he added. “Expats willing to move here should think seriously about putting a major time allocation into learning the language. It's key to integrating deeper in the local society and living a full and meaningful life.”



  Spain 西班牙

  The Mediterranean diet, rich in heart-healthy olive oil, vegetables and wine, has long contributed to Spain's long-lived population (averaging 82.8)。 But Spain has another longevity secret up its sleeve: the siesta.


  ”People think all the Spaniards are doing la siesta when the shops are closed between 2:00 and 5:00, but it is simply how the working shift is organised,“ said Miquel ?ngel Diez i Besora from Barcelona and Gray Line tour guide. ”If you have a continuous shift and just a half an hour break for lunch, then you eat a quick takeaway. On the contrary, if you are forced to stop for two or three hours, then you go home or go to a restaurant where you can sit down, eat two courses and dessert, and have time enough to digest well, it's going to be healthier than a takeaway.“


  The density of Spanish cities also gets people moving more, since shops and restaurants all tend to be within walking distance of most people's residences.


  ”When I moved to Barcelona from Moscow, I noticed that people here favour walking or biking, even walking few blocks to take public transport instead of using their own vehicles,“ said Marina Manasyan, co-founder of Barcelona Eat Local Food Tours. ”You get your cells oxygenated and you reduce your carbon footprint.“

  1. NO.1 北京公交车站车祸 大货车与公交车追尾致多人受伤现场狼藉

    北京公交车站车祸 大货车与公交车追尾致多人受伤现场狼藉:【北京公交车站车祸大货车与公交车追尾致多人受伤现场狼藉】据网友爆料,今早北京房

  2. NO.2 印尼清真寺遇袭袭击者被当场打死 一周之内已发生2起类似事件

    印度尼西亚首都雅加达一清真寺6月30日晚发生袭击事件。两名警察受伤,一名袭击者被警方打死。 印尼 媒体 援引该国国家警察总局发言人塞提约瓦

  3. NO.3 情侣为当网红竟表演书挡子弹当场身亡 把命都搭上也是太拼了

    美国明尼苏达州的一对情侣,19岁的女孩蒙娜丽莎(Monalisa Perez)和她22岁的男友佩德罗(Pedro Ruiz III)为了成为网红,最近几个星期一直在视频网站youtube上

  4. NO.4 巴铁投资公司华赢凯来涉非法集资 32人被刑拘

    中新网7月2日电 据北京市公安局东城分局官方微博 消息 ,针对有投资人举报北京华赢凯来资产管理有限公司从事非法集资活动的情况,北京市公安局

  5. NO.5 被同学暴打拍裸照 初中女生失联后遭打父亲报了三次警见到女儿

    副标题#e# 被同学暴打拍裸照 初中女生失联后遭打父亲报了三次警见到女儿时惊呆了 【被同学暴打拍裸照】6月28号晚上,小琴被2个女同学约了出去,

  6. NO.6 13岁男孩玩手游1月充值近5万元 本是孩子“救命钱”

    副标题#e# 看到支付宝的一长串账单,李先生头都大了。今年5月27日至6月24日,他的小儿子成成(化名)用他的支付宝给游戏充值了近5万元,最大一笔

  7. NO.7 杭州55岁老板为掩人耳目安排小三与哥哥结婚

    杭州55岁老板为掩人耳目安排小三与哥哥结婚。 这段时间,各种荒唐 新闻 出现的可不少。这不,前两天,杭州的一家法院就遇上了件奇葩事儿。 欲

  8. NO.8 安理会举行公开会 中国反对军事手段解决朝鲜问题

    ( 原标题 :安理会就朝鲜 试射导弹举行公开会 中国主持会议) 在朝鲜4号再次试射弹道导弹之后,应美国等国的要求,安理会于当地时间5号下午